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  • Amino Acids for Cell Health

    Medicines that transform patient lives

  • Amino Acids for Cell Health

    Medicines for more than 2,000 diseases

  • Amino Acids for Cell Health

    Medicines that have systems-wide effects

  • By leveraging our proprietary knowledge of amino acid biology, Axcella restores health in patients with serious diseases and conditions driven by a cellular imbalance of amino acids. Our novel treatment modalities impact multiple pathways to alleviate not just one disease-specific manifestation, but rather a broad set of manifestations, signs, and symptoms associated with the disease. We call this therapeutic benefit systems pharmacology.

  • Amino acids are fundamental building blocks of life and critical regulators of central metabolic pathways. In more than 2,000 diseases, an imbalance of biological function is linked to amino acid dysregulation and the presence of disease.

    The need for solutions is high, and restoring amino acid biology at the cellular level offers the opportunity to deliver novel treatment options and transform lives.

  • We are a relentless group of innovators and disruptors, passionate to bring life-changing products to patients and families with critical, unmet needs. We have assembled a world-class team of pioneers and trailblazers with a track record of success to lead our charge.

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