We are a biotechnology company pioneering the research and development of novel multifactorial interventions to support health and address dysregulated metabolism across a broad spectrum of consumers, and patients who have limited options. Our AXA Candidates are generated from our proprietary, human‑focused AXA Development Platform* and harness the power of endogenous metabolic modulators, or EMMs, a broad family of molecules that fundamentally impact and regulate human metabolism.

Using our AXA Development Platform, we have rapidly generated a pipeline of AXA Candidates that are novel compositions of EMMs engineered in distinct ratios and designed to target and maximize the fundamental role that EMMs play in regulating multiple metabolic functions. Our platform has produced a rich pipeline of AXA candidates with programs in liver, muscle, and blood among other target areas. We are developing our lead AXA Candidate, AXA1665 as a drug product for hepatic encephalopathy (HE). We have not made a development path decision for our other AXA Candidates.


*Axcella conducts Non-IND, IRB-approved Clinical studies to evaluate the safety and tolerability of its AXA candidates in human subjects, or effects on the normal structure or function of the body. Studies intended at the time of initiation to support drug development will be conducted under an IND.