Our Axcellerator Platform integrates preclinical studies and human data* in a rapid, iterative process to generate candidates with a higher probability of success in less than a year from indication selection.

This innovative phenotypic approach to DAAC candidate design includes:

  • Elucidating multifactorial disease pathway biology
  • Utilizing bioinformatics to rationally design a DAAC candidate from our libraries of amino acid biochemistry
  • Optimizing each DAAC candidate for dosing and pharmokinetics in multiple in vivo and in vitro models
  • Validating early signals in IRB-approved human studies*

This unique, seamless process (from cells to humans and back for simultaneous forward and backward translation) can only be accomplished because amino acids are subject to food and dietary supplement guidelines. In addition, the costs associated with DAAC candidate development are much lower than traditional drug development, enabling Axcella scientists to research multiple disease indications simultaneously.  

Our Axcellerator Platform has produced a rich pipeline which can potentially target multiple indications in liver, muscle, CNS and others.

*Studies conducted under food and dietary supplement guidelines