Mike Hamill, Ph.D., leads the Research division at Axcella which includes the Discovery and platform development teams.

He joined Axcella in 2011 as part of the founding scientific team, gaining experience across R&D, and assuming positions of increasing responsibility and leadership within the company.

In the course of developing our platform, Dr. Hamill led the Research teams at Axcella through product innovation and design and the initial designation of product candidates through the determination of priority disease indications. Dr. Hamill is responsible for the exploration of various disease opportunities to determine next steps in AXA development and program launch within Axcella’s extensive, and ever-expanding pipeline.

Dr. Hamill is an inventor or author of more than 100 key patents, patent applications and peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Hamill began his industry career at Scynexis (NASDAQ: SCYX) as a Synthetic Chemist before joining Virdante Pharmaceuticals as an Analytical Chemist, where he engineered glycans on antibodies.

During his academic career, Dr. Hamill characterized the role of novel enzymes containing organic and inorganic redox cofactors. Dr. Hamill received a Ph.D., in biochemistry from Boston University, where he studied the structural and enzymatic properties of multiple novel flavoenzymes. Following his Ph.D., Mike completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology where he studied iron-sulfur cluster enzymes. Dr. Hamill also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Gettysburg College.




What drew you to Axcella?
The opportunity to work on a truly novel technology with brilliant people.

Your greatest non-professional accomplishment?
Becoming a father.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a pilot in the Armed Services. I was inspired by my grandfather, who served in the army in WWII and then in the Foreign Service.

Favorite guilty pleasure television show?
Project Runway. I watch with my wife and girls, and enjoy the creative process and the contestants’ ability to adapt to uncomfortable challenges.

Style you wish would come back into fashion?
Sweatpants were really popular in my 3rd grade class.