We are rapidly building a robust pipeline of AXA candidates with our platform. Our innovative paradigm integrates preclinical and human signal seeking and confirming studies* to understand the impact of AXA candidates on human biology.

This iterative process has the potential to generate candidates with a higher probability of success in the development process. 

Our innovative phenotypic approach to AXA candidate design includes:

  • Elucidating multifactorial disease pathway biology
  • Utilizing bioinformatics to rationally design AXA candidates from our libraries of amino acid biochemistry
  • Optimizing AXA candidates for dosing and pharmokinetics in multiple in vivo and in vitro models
  • Validating early signals

Our platform has produced a rich pipeline of AXA candidates which can potentially target multiple indications in liver, muscle, CNS and others.

*Axcella conducts pre-IND, IRB-approved studies to evaluate the safety and tolerability of its AXA products in human subjects, or the product’s effects on the normal structure or function of the body. Therapeutic claims would need to be established under IND.