Our AXA Candidates are generated from our proprietary, human‑focused AXA Development Platform and harness the power of endogenous metabolic modulators, or EMMs, a broad family of molecules that fundamentally impact and regulate human metabolism. AXA Candidates are novel compositions of EMMs engineered in distinct ratios, with the objective of maximizing the fundamental role that EMMs play in regulating multiple metabolic functions.

Our Approach to the Development of AXA Candidates

Our approach to developing AXA Candidates translates complex human biology into potential drug and non-drug product candidates that modulate metabolism. Metabolic dysregulation results from a disruption in human homeostasis that is core to optimal functioning and consequently, health. Maintenance of this dynamic state of equilibrium requires an orchestration of multiple metabolic pathways and inter-organ signaling, evolved over billions of years, and is carried out by signaling intermediates and endogenous mediators. EMMs are a critical subset of endogenous elements that regulate metabolic function and encompass a broad set of molecular families, including amino acids, bile acids, other intermediary substrates and hormones. Together, these molecules drive a myriad of biological pathways to elicit multifactorial effects that integrate basic cellular functioning to impact fundamental biologies. Such biologies include:

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Dysregulation in the endogenous modulators, their signaling pathways or the metabolic processes they control can all lead to the loss of homeostasis, which can be manifested within specific organs. Complex diseases impact multiple biological pathways. Loss of health can be the direct result of metabolic pathways and functions that are not being maintained or supported. Consequently, restoring homeostasis and maintaining health requires multifactorial approaches. We believe that EMMs, anchored by amino acids, have the potential to serve as interventional candidates to address the systems wide impact of dysregulated metabolism to support and maintain homeostasis, which helps support normal structures and functions of the body.

Key Characteristics of Our AXA Candidates

  • Multifactorial

  • Constituents’ safety precedent

  • Combinability potential

  • Orally administered

  • Rapidly designed and scalable

  • Novel and proprietary


*Axcella conducts Non-IND, IRB-approved Clinical studies to evaluate the safety and tolerability of its AXA candidates in human subjects, or effects on the normal structure or function of the body. Studies intended at the time of initiation to support drug development will be conducted under an IND.